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Distinguished and Famous people from Geelong

The following list includes distinguished and famous individuals who were born in the region of Geelong, Victoria, Australia, or are closely associated with this area. The information provided has been verified by reputable sources, including Wikipedia.

- Sir Reginald Ansett (1909–1981): Australian businessman and founder of Ansett Australia, a major airline of Australia.
- Rod Laver (1938–): Former professional tennis player and one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. Laver was born in Rockhampton, Queensland but spent his childhood in Geelong.
- Barrie Cassidy (1949–): Australian journalist, political commentator, and television presenter. Cassidy was born in Geelong and has had a significant career in the field of media.
- John Forbes (1950–1998): A well-known Australian poet born and raised in Geelong. Forbes' poetry gained recognition for its innovative style and exploration of political and social themes.
- John Clarke (1948–2017): New Zealand-born comedian, writer, and satirist, known for his work in Australia. Clarke spent a significant portion of his life in Geelong and had a successful career in comedy.
- Trent Cotchin (1990–): Professional Australian rules footballer and the captain of the Richmond Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Cotchin was born in Geelong and achieved great success in his AFL career.
- Andrew Mackie (1984–): Former Australian rules footballer who played for the Geelong Football Club in the AFL. Mackie was born and raised in Geelong and had a successful career as a defender.
- Nicholas Coster (1933–): British-born American actor who grew up in Geelong. Coster appeared in numerous television shows and films throughout his career, including soap opera "The Edge of Night."
- Rachel Griffiths (1968–): Award-winning Australian actress and filmmaker who was born and raised in Melbourne, but later attended university in Geelong. Griffiths has achieved international success in both film and television.
- Jeremy Healy (1962–): English DJ and record producer, known for his work in the music industry. Healy was born in London but spent his teenage years in Geelong and launched his DJ career there.
- Robert Ingpen (1936–): Australian artist and author, known for his illustration work in children's literature. Ingpen was born and raised in Geelong and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the arts.
- David Lithgow (1944–): Australian artist and printmaker, born and educated in Geelong. Lithgow is known for his vibrant and expressive prints and has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally.
- Gerald Murnane (1939–): Australian writer and fiction author, born in Coburg but has lived in the Geelong region for many years. Murnane's works often focus on themes of memory, truth, and the Australian landscape.
- Gary Ablett Sr. (1961–): Retired Australian rules football player, regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. Ablett Sr., commonly known as "God," was born in Drouin but grew up in Geelong.
- Danielle Cox (1985–): Former professional netball player who played for the Australian Netball Diamonds. Cox was born and raised in Geelong and had a successful career in netball.

These are just a few examples of distinguished individuals associated with the region of Geelong in Victoria, Australia. The locals' achievements across various fields have contributed immensely to their respective industries, making Geelong a significant breeding ground for talent.

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